Twinhan 1027 DVB-S card driver

I’m a newbie, and I admit I know nothing about Linux.
Thinking that linux had evolved enough to be user friendly (even for dumb users like me), I just installed it as dual boot system, complementary to Windows Vista on my PC.

I’m now trying to have my twinhan 1027 DVB-S card detected so I can install MythTV into linux but I absolutly have no idea on how to do such a thing.

I tried configuring through Yast, but the card isn’t listed. I then decided to download the drivers from Twinhan site but after I got them stored in one of the directories, I don’t know how to decompress and install them.

Can somebody guide me through that process… Although I know perfectly how to handle any piece of software under windows, this is a total mystery for me under linux.

Seems that I’m not going to use Linux for long.
I may look stubborned but I still think that Microsoft Windows is still the easiest plattform to work with although it costs money.

Most of the time you can have things installed with one click of the mouse without any problem.

After one week I still haven’t been able to install my DVB-S card and there are other pieces of hardware on my PC for wich I’m still missing drivers. It’s a real nightmare… and Yast doesn’t do all.

Linux is definitely not for a newbie.

Although there’s been 37 users looking at my post (and I guess that is because they are searching for the same info as I do), I haven’t received any reply.

I give up… I will definitely stick with Microsoft… even MacOS is more user friendly than that.

I helped a user the other day over in the programming-scripting
forum who now has a working DVB after fixing the dst module, maybe
worth a read of the howto he followed or ask him his steps…?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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