TW - Plymouth not asking LUKS password


this week we got a Plymouth update (0.9.5~git20220412.e960111-6.1).
This version doesn’t show the password field when you have disk encryption.

When you press ESC you can still see the pw field, but on the same line is also the next line in the bootlog. So you need to ENTER first and then you can enter your LUKS password and the system will continue to start.

I was wondering if anyone else has this issue? I rolled back to the previous version (0.9.5~git20220412.e960111-4.1) of Plymouth and locked all of the Plymouth packages with updates. Now it works fine again.

Filed a bugreport on Bugzilla:

Same here. But after locking the old Plymouth packages everything looks good.

The issue is fixed now. Plymouth was updated to version 0.9.5~git20220412.e960111-7.1.