How do you usually install mysql for TW?
MySQL official site has SUSE repo, but it seems like it is only for SLES 11.3, 12.
Maybe it’s possible to use this repo for TW or there’s no other way except manual installation?

MySQL is included in the distribution, since ever.
No need for any additional repo.

Just search for “mysql” in YaST to find it.

For a MySQL server, you need mysql-community-server in particular, there’s also mariadb, a drop-in replacement by the original author of MySQL, created when Oracle acquired MySQL.

Or run “sudo zypper in mysql-community-server”, resp. “sudo zypper in mariadb”.

Although I think mariadb should actually be installed by default anyway, you just need to enable it.

You can install from your default repos using YAST software management.

Or, you can install using the CLI zypper (again, existing default repos).
For example, you can search for available Mariadb packages (and related)

zypper se mariadb

or Oracle MySQL packages 9and related)

zypper se mysql

You can then select your client and/or server packages and install. The packaglist can be a single package or multiple packages, each separated by a space

zypper in *packagelist *


That’s great! Somehow I didn’t notice it in official repo.