TW JeOS on raspi 3 - want a light-weight desktop


Have here a JeOS on Raspi 3 and want to add a light-weight desktop environment. Is there an easy and straightforward way, like this manual for raspian

Thanks in advance


zypper se -t pattern
zypper in -t pattern <your DE>

I suggest x11, personally I use twin since it doesn’t need X.

Hi, and thanks!I thought maybe LXQT might be a good choice?What is the way to disable Bluetooth and Wifi on the Raspi 3 completely? :slight_smile:

Enlightenment seems ok.
On Tumbleweed it’s not working anyway AFAIK already omitted… :wink: But rfkill will turn them off.



Enlightment? Will give it a try…etc/dracut.conf.d/raspberrypi_modules.conf:

add_drivers+=" sdhci-iproc bcm2835-sdhost bcm2835_dma mmc_block dwc2 "# Workaround for Wifi#omit_drivers+=" sdhci-iproc"

Only repo is

99 (Default)│   x   │     x     │openSUSE-Ports-Tumbleweed-repo-oss│       │

so I get:

zypper in -t pattern enlightmentLoading repository data...Reading installed packages...'enlightment' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.No provider of 'enlightment' found.Resolving package dependencies...Nothing to do.

You have a typo…

zypper in -t pattern enlightenment

The following 1003 NEW packages are going to be installed:
The following 18 NEW patterns are going to be installed:
The following 312 recommended packages were automatically selected:

That’s interesting adding a Desktop to JeOS.
It should be noted though that JeOS is a severely stripped down OS, so I don’t know if simply adding a Desktop would be all that successful, particularly a Desktop with lots of bells and whistles which ordinarily assumes installation on a “normal” and not JeOS image.

IMO what I’ve done is probably best… Instead of adding a Desktop, just buy yourself another 8GB SDcard and burn a whole new install on it.
Links to images and installation procedure for the RPi3 is at the following link (continually updated)


Tumbleweed will boot/run from USB these days… my TW RPI3 is running off a 16GB stick at present. Maybe setup a multiboot system on one RPI with multiple USB devices?

Just wanted to clarify…
I was raising potential issues related only to adding Desktops to a JeOS…

If the User started with almost any of the other images (particularly the XFCE and LXQt images), then the base OS and sub-systems would not be stripped down, so might be able to add almost any other Desktop one would want with little concern about missing sub-systems… and you could create a multi-Desktop Demo like the raspbian link provided by the @OP.

Particularly if restricted in space though, I’d recommend almost any Desktop other than KDE/Plasma. AFAIK all other Desktops I’ve installed use gnome-base sub-systems.


With the correct filename just worked fine! :wink: (although 2.2 GB is not perfectly light-weight :smiley: Will have to delete/taboo Gimp, Firefox etc…Some minor hick-ups, but now I have the VNC-server up and running (this time via Yast, which finally and in the end brought in even x11 iirc). @tsu: I would never ever install TW on a 8 GB SD-card (again). If you don’t update for some weeks, you end up with 1000-2000 updates and your card is too small for successful updating and you are in severe trouble.I have raspians on 4GB cards (raspian light + Desktop, typically lxqt), these are doing fine with the small updates coming up…