TW hangs during boot.

Anyone else update TW with the 5.18.15 kernel and not be able to boot? Some of the not-so-good sounding output during booting is:

T116] general protection fault

C3] CPU: 3 PID 0 Comm: Swapper/3 Tainted

Booting to the previous kernel works fine.

Can you boot the previous kernel?

(Select the “Advanced” boot options line in the grub2 menu for that.

No issues here
Maybe some specifics about your machine

So open bug report on (same user/password as here) and attach full dmesg output when booting bad kernel (not some random characters).

I took a screenshot of the output that I got those two lines from but susepaste says the files too big. How would I post output from dmesg when my computer just stops with a blinking cursor at the bottom and doesn’t respond to the keyboard?

Actually the title for this thread should be “TW hangs during boot.”

Cannot you save it in different format or smaller resolution? Without any information nobody can really guess what happens.

This is all of the output that will fit on the screen before it hangs. There is a little more before this.

Here is the beginning of the output:

Try adding spectre_v2=off kernel parameter (on grub menu press ‘e’ to edit commands, move to line starting with linuxefi and add this parameter to the end of line after space. Press F10 to boot).

This worked, although zypper says spectre isn’t installed so I’m not sure what that parameter does.

Thanks for the help.

Good. Then submit bug report attaching screenshots and explain that using this parameter helps. Do not forget to provide information about your CPU or better attach dmesg output after boot.

Bug reported #1202200](1202200 – Kernel 5.18.15-1 hangs during boot).

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thanks for the info

re-installing via the iso: the command was put before the line starting linux,
there was no uefi line, and all went almost smoothly

there was a shim error message just before the end which was ignored

re-boot went fine

thanks again

Kernel 5.19 fixed this issue for me.