TW Getting rid of KDE apps

Hi all

This is a newbie question. Still finding my way around TW.

Installed TW with KDE and all well so far. I removed the most of the KDE and PIM apps as I am not a fan of them.

So I just updated my system with zypper dup and I notice that it now installs all the removed applications again.

The following 7 applications are going to be installed:
Akregator digiKam KAddressBook KMail Kontact KOrganizer Showfoto

How can I change this without manually excluding the packages from being installed everytime I update the system?

Thanks a mil in advance

Use ‘zypper addlock’. For example, remove ‘showfoto’, then do

# zypper al showfoto
Specified lock has been successfully added.

When an attempt is made to install it again it will be prevented unless lock is removed…

# zypper in showfoto
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...

Problem: conflicting requests
 Solution 1: remove lock to allow installation of showfoto-5.5.0-2.11.x86_64[repo-oss]
 Solution 2: do not ask to install a solvable providing showfoto.x86_64 = 5.5.0-2.11

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):

Great thanks for the quick reply

Le 01/11/2017 à 22:26, simonsaysthis a écrit :
> Great thanks for the quick reply
you can also do this in YaST


yeah, good point. But so used to working in terminal being new to opensuse