TW 20151014 upgrade to 20151017 change kernel to default Nvidia drive wil not install

with the kernel from upgrade to 20151017 the nvidia driver wont install
cant find version.h in usr/src/linux/include/linux and linux/incluede generated/uapii/linux

so that kernel is this form useless

i had to reverd to kernel from LEAP to install the nvidia driver

waiting for a new kernel version wich has version.h in the given directories

Please show output of “rpm -qa kernel*”

that rpm command gave no output 
so i reinstalled  TW20151014  
i protected all the "kernel"  lines in yast   software management
i then did a zypper dup 
so now i have TW20151017  with the kernel from TW20151014
The nividia driver  352.55  the latest
this till there is a new nvidia driver that will install om kernel    4.2.3-1.2