TW 15.2 Gnome test is unreadable

I just upgraded from LEAP 15.1 to TW 15.2. It was not particularly smooth upgrade. After booting and logging in, all Gnome rendered text is unreadable.

The text appears to be utf-8 rendered as 7 bit ASCII.

And I cannot start a terminal window. I get the wait-4-it-spinner, but no window appears.

There is no Tumbleweed 15.2, only Leap 15.2…

Can you show the output from;

cat /etc/os-release

How did you upgrade?


Can you show the output from;

$  cat /etc/os-release
NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"
# VERSION="20200721"
ID_LIKE="opensuse suse"
PRETTY_NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"

How did you upgrade?

Downloaded the DVD ISO image. Booted it.

The text problem is because the additional fonts were not carried to the upgrade. Changing the font to a standard one has made the text readable.
How do I reload all of the fonts?

Just force the re-install of the font files? Perhaps it could be something left over by your upgrade, have you tried creating a test user and logging in as that test user to see if the issue is system wide.

Just force the re-install of the font files?

All of the font files are still there.

Hmm. In a case of installer’s remorse, is it possible to install LEAP 15.2 over Tumbleweed?

probably not you may end up with mixed versions of things. You can do a fresh install over TW but 15.2 over TW upgrade does not make sense

Did you say that you’d upgraded leap 15.1 with tw because that would have probably created problems in the first place. If you want leap 15.2 you should really do a full install over tw as gogalthorp suggests.