TVU Broadcasting Software: Hacked my system?

I went here and downloaded this:

Download TVU Broadcasting Software for Linux - TVU networks lets you reach global TV audiences cost-effectively and with secure content protection. - Softpedia

Because I moved too quick and missed that it isn’t TVU Player. When installing a game came up that changed my resolution to where I had to reboot, not knowing what else to do, being I am still a noob.

I am concerned that the link is to some sort of hack. Is there a way to find out this?

Just to understand after you installed the application, you also
installed a game and that game changed your screen resolution?

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I tried to reply earlier, but for some reason, the post evidently didn’t take, so here goes again:

No. I installed TVU and right after the install, a game came up, not any game I started deliberately, changed my resolution. It’s almost as though the file was deliberately changed and that the thing is malware. I wrote to the site but I don’t know if they will do anything about it.