Tvtime compiz performance problems

When I run tvtime with the desktop effects enabled Xorg, compiz and tvtime use a lot of cpu. It’s even worse with tvtime in full screen. This doesn’t happen with the desktop effects off or when I use vlc for example.](

Any ideas on how to fix this?
The system is a 3GHz P4 Prescott, 1.7GB Ram, Nvidia FX5500.
I’m running 11.3 with the nvidia video driver (173.14.27).

Have you enabled video support in Compiz? There’s some kind of option for this in the compiz config manager (it’s been some time since I used Compiz). Generally tvtime does not have issues with desktop effects or composite, for me it runs smooth and uses only little cpu-power (using KDE4 with composite effects).

I enabled the video playback plugin from CompizConfig Settings Manager, but there’s no difference. If this was the problem, I should’ve had the same problem with vlc.