TV Tuner Card

i just moved into my dorm room and my room-mate and i decided to get tv tuner cards for our computers. i was planning on getting a hauppage pvr-150 but when i searched on various sites all they were carrying for haupagge cards were the HVR 1250’s and 1600’s. im assuming that hauppage is discontinuing the pvr series because north america is moving to digital only television and the pvr 150/250/350/500 were all analog connections. i run opensuse 11.0 and was wondering if the hauppage 1600 would be a worthwile investment or should i start looking into another brand? from what i see the driver is still in beta and was wondering if anyone has got it to work under opensuse. im looking for something that theoretically should be fairly easy to install and get working since i dont really have the time to tinker with firmware and that sort of thing.

one more question i have is how i can tell if i need an analog or digital input. at both my house and my dorm room i have coax lines that come from the wall and just plug into any old television set. do i really need a digital compatible card? is there any way to still get a pvr-150 new from hauppage?

Well sure you can get one, but in Februaury it would stop working unless you had a cable box or a converter between it and the cable.

Looking around I see that the 1600 is working pretty well. If it works as well as the PVR 15 through 500 series cards worked when the ivtv driver was a beta for those cards then I would say it works extremely well.

i guess ill probably wind up getting the 1600 then. people are saying the beta driver is working nicely so far and i guess worst comes to worst i can just boot into windows if i need television until the card has better support. it looks like the development for the driver is rigorous at least.

thanks :slight_smile:

Any updates? I just purchased a 1600 and want to try and get working on 11.1

I eventually plan to use it for a mythtv back end server.