TV card, no channels detected, suse 12.1-kde

MSI Digital PCI TV Tuner Digi@nywhere A/D Plus

Hi all. I installed a TV card and connected the Comcast cable directly to right one. I went to Yast->TV Card and followed the prompts. I get “no channels found”. I did a software search for TV Card. I installed “DVB”. Still, I have no channels found. I’m going to try installing the software on mswin to see if it’s the TV card hardware.

I have all the latest updates for suse. Can someone help? Thanks.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you, but I’m fairly sure that the device is unsupported under Linux.

The card doesn’t work on mswin either. Bad tv card, i’m sending it back. Do you have tv cards to recommend? amazon or price watch.

You should look on Hardware Device Information - LinuxTVWiki
I personally use a WinFast TV2000 XP Expert card without problems (on openSUSE 11.3).

I use Hauppauge WinTV USB on openSUSE 11.4

A bit it depends on what TV-signal you want to capture. For satellite I have good experience with skysat dvb-s (also HD). But the box should be very well ventilated, the card gets otherwise too hot and after a while a transistor may “whistle”. Otherwise it is robust, very compatible and cheap.
If you go for dvb-T and you want to use USB, please avoid the realtech chipsets. They are currently not user friendly and several have still a problem to be recognized by the kernel due to IP problems of the firmware.
A good site to get information about linux and tv-cards of all kind, included their compatibility is Linux TV as the OP stated before.
Again, if you opt for an internal card make sure ventilation is sufficient. The main part of these have a high need of ventilation.
Good luck.
Ah, I forgot: before ordering it is good practice to take the card that is appealing to you and to copy its name into Google. Join the words “Linux, Problem” or “Linux, Graphic card, compatibility, problem”.
There have been cases of crossed incompatibility with some graphic card producers. Less frequent these days but still possible. If users have problems they rant. Google is therefore often very helpful before buying.

Just as a note, the OP’s card was a hybrid ATSC/NTSC PCI based device.

Given he was connecting to a cable provider (Comcast) he is likely also looking for a device capable of QAM demodulation (for the available unencrypted digital cable channels) … the analog capture portion of the device may or may not have been of any interest to him (OTA analog is dead; who knows what analog stations are available on his cable provider; he may wish to use capture on svideo/composite sources).

He did not mention if a PCI based device is a necessity or not … he may wish to consider alternative interfaces (PCIe or USB etc).

The LinuxTV wiki is indeed pretty current for the ATSC universe of devices, so that should be a good source of available choices.

As for my own recommendation, I usually try to steer users to the Hauppauge devices because they have been supportive of Linux. In addition, to that, a couple of the guys from HCW are also active developers for the Linux V4L-DVB subsystem (on their own free time and not sponsored by HCW in any way). That said, others have favourable opinions of other devices too – for example the network attached HDHomerun devices (which don’t actually require a Linux DVB driver).