TV Capture Software

I need to make XDTV working in OpenSUSE 11, or other software which is able to do tv capture or capture from other analog source (composite). In Suse 10.0, 10.2. it worked XDTV from suser-scorot repository, but starting OpenSuse 10.3 I couldn’t make it work.Nothing provides libSDL-devel. I tried to install and configure MythTV, but failed when I had to configure sql data base, so I don’t know if is working or not.
I’ll be very happy if you can tell me how to install XDTV in OpenSuse 11.

Were you using Yast to install from Packman?? That would be the way to go.

From Packman I installed MythTv, but I couldn’t configure in a proper way to be able to see something with my tv card. XDTV is not in Packman, it was only in Suser-Scorot repository, till openSUse-10.2. So I tried to install from source. What other software I can try to make capture from my analog Sony TVR57E camera or from tv?