tv as second monitor

my samsung tv is found in hardware config but not in graphics card and monitor config so i can’t change res to view it properly
any help would be muchly appreciated

ps i know comps fairly well but only just swapped to linux full time

Hi, and welcome to linux. There are some software tools available for some graphics cards (ex: nvidia) that do a fine job of configuring multiple monitor setups, and you might want to use one of those if its possible, but all of them just make changes to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, which has all the information about your server layout. That is, which monitors and input input devices belong together, and how they should be used. It is this file that makes it possible to run not only multiple monitors, but also, multiple keyboards and mice, allowing you to do things like setup kiosk type networks, where one computer supports multiple workstations. Its a powerful system, and if you want to unleash some of the potential of your machine, you should read the man page.

in a terminal, type man xorg.conf


type info xorg.conf

then look closely at you /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

Make a copy before you make any changes to the file. You will need to be root to edit the file, because its a protected system file. Make sure you can use the command line well enough to restore the original file without a working X (graphical) system, (read a tutorial on the subject) just in case you mess it up too bad for x to start. After that, go ahead and experiment with it. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you can’t figure out how do get what you are after, ask the question a little more clearly, and include a copy of your xorg.conf.

Have Fun.

PS. if you are using a laptop, you can probably use your TVs remote control to control your computer.

PSS. Try not to kill your TV. Don’t go putting really high values for things like resolution and refresh rates without first checking that they are acceptable for your TV. The Samsung website should have that info, but its sometimes hard to find. Good Luck.

I think the exact solution (and results) will depend on your video card (chipset) and video driver.

I’m not an expert in this area, but I do run openSUSE 11.1 with two Samsung monitors. Probably some time in the future I will follow PenguinMigrations’ recommendation and read about xorg.conf too.

But I suspect you’d be set if you make sure of this: a) was both monitors properly plugged in when you last installed / updated? and b) run nvidia-xconfig (if using an nVidia card obviously… something else if you use something else).

Oh yeah… my monitors came with thick printed “Owner’s Instructions”. Look up Display Modes (right after Setting up your PC software (based on Windows XP) sic!) and make sure you use one of the supported modes.

Good luck.