TuxGuitar - Dual Plugins?

Hey all, I have TuxGuitar installed on my system and while I was trying to set it up with sound and everything I noticed that Each plug in is listed twice… that is the list of plug ins repeats itself two times, and if you disable one in the first list, it disables the other. This also causes two appearances of the system tray icon as well. Another thing is each sound port is listed twice in the settings dialog.

My thinking was that this could have caused a conflict with alsa (two plug ins trying to perform the same thing) but now that I have a startup script set to run fluidsynth at startup with a custom soundfont, that isn’t an issue.

Is anyone else encountering this? I believe the package is from the Packman Repositories. If so, should it be reported to the packman people, or is there a way to fix it?