Tux Droid / libbabtts

Hello folks,

I am trying to install tuxbox (an application for the tux droid) on openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64). I could only get a deb package (tuxbox-USEnglish-TTS-3.1.3-i386.deb), so I converted it to rpm using alien.
However, upon installation, I get the message:
error: Failed dependencies:
libbabtts.so is needed by TuxBox-3.1.3-2.i386

So my questions for you are:

  1. Does anybody have experience with TuxBox on openSUSE?
  2. If not, does anybody know where to obtain libbabtts?

Thank you so much!

Hi checkfrogger,

I got one from a friend yesterday :). Did you ever get this thing working with openSUSE?

I just start up this thread again.
Im also a lucky one who had a Tuxdroid as present. But it wont work until now, its only saying Hello and thats it.
So maybe there is somebody out there who succeed to let Tux talk on OpenSUSE 12.2