Tux buys a new Table...

Once upon a time a little penguin named Tux bought a table. He was eager to use it. But he was scared of the table. It had these thin glass window plates all over it. Blue napkins where scattered all over those window plates telling him stories of internal errors and other horrors. So he quickly got rid of those window plates. Why would anyone ship something like that on such a fine table he wondered.

He wasn’t sure what to do. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw an apple in the shadows.

“Mmmm,” he thought, “I love mackintosh apples. I will put that on my table and sit down for dinner.”

So he went over and almost picked it up. But there was a sign that said he had to have permission to eat it and that it could only be eaten on a special wooden table with special wooden plates and special wooden untensils and special wooden napkins… made from the same tree that the apple grew from.

“But,” he thought, “All those worms are eating it without any special table, plates, utensils or napkins?!”

Finally he decided to cook his favorite meal. But he was unsure of which meal he wanted, there are so many good ones, so many flavors. Did he want a new Linux recipe or, an old one… Oh the choices. He looked back over at the apple wishing it didn’t have all those worms. It would be easier just to grab it and eat it, who cared about using those special table, plates, utensils or napkins.

So he paced back and forth in deep thought for a bit as he carefully navigated around the shattered glass from those window plates on the ground. “Those glass window plates really are weak and easy to break,” he thought, “How sad.”

He looked back at his newly bought table and saw that a Lizard was spreading out several plates of food. “Where did he come from,” he whispered to himself.

Tux went back over to the table and noticed that the Lizard was wearing a cape with the word Suse Chef on it. He wondered how that Lizard prepared the meal so fast. He was only gone a few moments.

The Lizard smiled at him and in an instant was gone. Tux sat down to his freshly cooked meal. This was truely the best tasting food and best Linux recipe he had ever tasted.

The End!

Shouldn’t it be finished with something like: And They Lived Happily Ever After?

No. A story that ends with “they lived happily ever after” is usually a story that hasn’t finished yet :wink:

I added “The End!” simply because I can’t picture this story line actually having a sequel, rotfl!.

Though the adventures of Tux may continue :slight_smile: Probably with better story lines though, lol.

I liked it! Imaginative.

Thanks. The idea popped into my head and I just wrote it down. Of course it is free for anyone to change it if they choose.