Turning off Auto login

Tomorrow I will install OpenSuse 11.0 for my husband for him to try out and play with, but just in case i screw up I need some help.
When I first installed OpenSuse my first time I accidentally enabled auto login and had to reinstall to correct my mistake.
But so I do mess up again how can I turn off auto login?
This will be from a DVD install if you need to know.

YaST > User and Group Administration > Select User > Expert Options

Thanks, obviously I did try the auto login settings with KDE but it gave me nothing concerning the matter.
I was all over the place, I have used 10 different flavors of linux in my time you would think it would help me a little -.-;;

Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

Thanks I got it a few hours ago.
I just was unsure how it worked on OpenSuse