Turning my smartphone into a computer

ok, finders is to blame for this. lol! He wrote:

Got one of those recently, HTC phone, it was pretty cheap. After cleaning all the service provider branding and unnecessary software, it’s actually very good. HTC released the kernel source code and there are ways to install different operating systems.

My Take on Linux - Will it Ever Beat Windows?

So I did my father’s son a favour yesterday and bought the HTC Desire smartphone. It is running Android 2.2 with the kernel. Now I find myself getting familiar with the Android SDK (on 11.3) trying to compile some apps for the phone.

Of course the first project is to turn the phone into a real linux computer (which, in fact, it already is - inside) and install a terminal emulator, BusyBox and Dropbear.

Home - Android-Terminal-Emulator - GitHub
Dropbear SSH server and client

This should provide anything required to ssh into one of my servers remotely from the phone. Guess what? This will be fun. Having remote openSUSE on the phone screen.

My only problem with a smartphone is the initial cost.
Their are lots of very neat Apps. My friend loves his and is even operating his Amateur radio via a Samsung Android smartphone.
Android is good. I also would want to ensure I could update the Android OS itself.
Some of that hardware is just as locked down as non Android phones.

Its a very nice looking phone.

I’d be tempted but I don’t want to carry two phones around with me, and I have an office provided black blackberry that I must carry. I asked my wife if she wanted an HTC Desire for Christmas, and she noted she was happy with the combination of her iPod and an inexpensive very small Nokia.

Still, I think if it were not for the two of us being reasonably satisfied now, both of us would be taking a serious look at that phone.