turn off system sounds

How do I turn off system sounds in OpenSuse 11/KDE4?
THe system startup sound is only slightly less in length than Beethoven’s 9th. It has to go.

To change or turn off sounds…

Press Alt+F2 and type control center. There sound only be one option: click it and either press the <enter> key or press the Launch button to open the control center. In the control center, the Sound button is on one of the last rows in the System section (press the System link in the left hand column). Press the Sound button and your sound options will appear. Press the middle tab on the top of the new window labeled Sounds. The last option on that window will be Log in. In the dropdown next to it, you can change the sound or select No Sound. You can also test the sound with the Play button to the right of the dropdown.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

There is only one option, but it is “ATI Catalyst control center” not the one i’m looking for. How else can I get to the control center?

Alt+F1 “on Favarites Tab” >> Configure Desktop >> Notifications …

and there u can turn off one by one or everything… try out…

i guess is that … cy

This does not seem to be working on leap, going slightly insain trying to figure this out. Anyone have any idea what to do?