Turn off password after screen suspend

This is probably another stupid question, but again I can’t figure it out…

I have the screen saver disabled, and I have my power settings configured to suspend and eventually turn off my display.

In System Settings > Advanced > Power Management, I unchecked “Lock screen on resume”, but it still asks me for my password when I resume after the screen’s been suspended.

How can I turn this off?


In SUSE 8.4 using Blackbox?

Or something else…? :wink:

[people need to know, at the bare minimum, for almost any post, what version of SUSE, and what desktop environment (or WM) you’re using…]

Woops, sorry :confused:

OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE 4.3

I tried rebooting (taking the Microsoft approach…), but that doesn’t seem to have done anything either.

Any other ideas?

Well, I presume ‘resume’ means resume from suspend to disk (perhaps RAM), so that probably doesn’t have anything to do with this if all that’s happening is the screen is locking.

I’d look into the screensaver configuration - often it has a ‘blank screen after inactivity’ setting, and it might have it set to lock the screen afterwards…

Sorry I can’t be more help, I broke my KDE install. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Actually, by ‘resume’ I just mean ‘waggle the mouse to turn the monitor back on’. I don’t suspend to disk/ram at all.

The screensaver is completely disabled. I hunted around to see if there was something else blanking the screen other than powersaved and kscreensaver, but didn’t see anything.

Thanks for the response.

Found it!

Turns out it was buried in the ‘power management’ settings page, and I didn’t see the option because the page flipper was down near the bottom…

System Settings > Advanced > Power management
Edit profiles > Actions

Edit the option that says “when the system is idle for more than…” to say “do nothing”


Well I have been looking for that setting for a loooong time now. But why is it hidden/made so complicated. I remember the days when all that one has to do is go to desktop settings and set what the screen saver should do or not do. Now it doesn’t matter what one does in desktop settings - it changes nothing… Why is the setting there then?