turn off/disable bluetooth to be safe ?

My bluetooth seems to be activated in the system tray when I start the computer, can I disable this?.
I do not want my computer to be visible to other computers if you know what I mean.

Is it still safe even if the icon shows, Iam a little afraid someone might be able to hack the system this way? If itś still safe having it this way I dont really need to turn it of guess iám a litlle paranoid because i never use bluetooth

there is something called show bluetooth icon when you click on Preferences in the menu is that a way to disable it?

usually i used the quick keys on my keyboard but they don’t seems to work in opensuse

best regard alexander

opensuse 11.3 32-bit gnome

As far as I can remember when I had GNOME on my netbook (running KDE now) you could right click on the icon and go to preferences and disable it there.

You may also disable it in YaST completely or unload its kernel module.

When i search in Yast I do not find bluetooth listed. Show Hardware** lists it, but those menu items seem un-clickable.

My bluetooth used to only turn itself on every time it came out of standby. I would right-click the icon and turn it off. But recently it turns itself on randomly after this. What works for me now is:

 service bluetooth stop

**(another nearly un-stoppable process that makes you feel like the entity in the Star Trek computer when Spock tells it to calculate PI to the last digit - “Nooooooo.”

Just some advice :wink: You have replied to an almost 5 year old thread related to openSUSE 11.3, best to check the date of the last post, then start a new thread with the issue and add a link back to the post for reference if needed.