Turkey's capital in Time Zone config. is wrong

Hello everyone, I download openSUSE 11.1 DVD. While I was installing it, in the third step of the “Preperation”, the Clock and Time Zone I selected Turkey as it’s the country I am from, but I saw that you guys have showed up İstanbul as Turkey’s capital. It is wrong, İstanbul have never been Turkey’s capital, the capital city is Ankara. I suggest you to at least check Wikipedia lol!

I can’t do an install right now, but looking at the settings on a live system, I think that any cities are ‘representative’ of the time zone, rather than capitals of a country. For example, Russia has about 15 places listed, mostly not Moscow, representative of the time zones.

File a bug report at bugzilla.novell.com, we are users here, not developers.

Since Turkey has only one time zone, aside from normal and summer time, (right?), the simplest solution would be to remove Istanbul from the description, then nobody gets upset. :slight_smile:

Right, thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you are lucky they didn’t call it Constantinople. lol!