Tumbleweed - zypper dup problems

Not sure where to post this. Since quite a while, ‘zypper dup’ on Tumbleweed throws two problems which seem related to the standard repositories. Seems I cannot solve these on my own - please help.

My Tumbleweed has the “standard” repos that came with iso installation from scratch, plus packman. The packages in question came with the Tumbleweed installation and many many zypper dup‘s; nothing that I did on purpose.

The two problems are:

Quote from zypper dup screen:

Computing distribution upgrade…
2 Problems:
Problem: nothing provides (python311-s3transfer >= 0.10.0 with python311-stransfer < 0.11.0)’ needed by the to be installed aws-cli-1.32.31-1.1.noarch
Problem: the to be installed pipewire-alsa-1.0.3-3.1.x86_64 conflicts with ‘alsa-plugins-pulse’ provided by the installed alsa-plugins-pulse-

I always opted out of these problems by chosing the “keep obsolete …” solutions.

Could someone provide some help, please?
Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: I cannot provide the repo list since I am not at my computer right now. But it is as I say, the “standard” default ones from installation plus packman.

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Better show full output of

zypper lr -d

zypper dup

Use preformatted text tags </> to post the terminal output.

But python missmatches seems like a reocurring problem with aws-cli…

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No, it is not the quote. You manually typed in this text and made at least one critical typo. Please do not do it. Always copy and paste the text verbatim using preformatted style (button </> in editor).

It is twice python311-s3transfer and yes, this package in Factory still has the version 0.8.2. You may consider opening bug report.

The conflict is correct and pipewire-alsa is recommended by pipewire-pulseaudio. You did not show the complete zypper output so it is impossible to guess why pipewire-alsa is selected for installation in this case. But in general, PipeWire is the default sound stack, so replacement of alsa-plugins-pulse with pipewire-alsa should be the right thing unless you have specific reasons to keep PulseAudio server.

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Thank you very much for your comments., @hui and @arvidjaar. All understood. In particular, I see what‘s happening in the audio setup.

Two pieces of information:

(1) Sorry for not obeying the customary rules for quoting zypper dup outputs. I was outside the house without access to my computer, but wanted to post anyway. So I simply grabbed the zypper outputs from a screen photograph taken with my iPhone by help of its built-in OCR. No critical typo present in my original post …

(2) What I actually decided to do is: Use the short time window now before the appearance of the Megarelease Plasma & KDE 6 + Wayland to do a fresh install of Tumbleweed with Plasma 5. After five years of running, I had wanted to do this anyway. So now I have a clean and useful TW plus my notes on how to install and fine tune it. I will now take a strict vacation from any zypper dup until I consider the Megarelease to have settled to a satisfactory state …

Wouldn’t it be better to re-install once KDE 6 is considered stable on OpenSuse.
You can still use all the hard-earned knowledge from the KDE 5 to 6 transition for the next major release while still getting a brand new KDE 6 install without any cruft.

That‘s exactly what I plan to do next. Sorry for too fuzzy a wording. Thanks!

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