Tumbleweed XFCE slow login

A couple months ago my login in XFCE went from taking around three seconds to around 33 seconds. I have not been able to find any cause for this slowdown so far. I tried clearing cache/sessions, disabling items from starting with XFCE, and even a new user/profile but nothing seems to work. There are no obvious errors.

Login is on a running system from lightdm.

Is there a way to debug/log what happens during XFCE start?


Is it not waiting for network connection?
If memory serves there was an old thread similar to this somewhere and was corrected by installing haveged. I am not sure if it will be of help because I checked haveged and it is not installed on my xfce and
I am not having this kind of issue. worth a try though, if it will not work-out then just remove haveged.

Disabling the NetworkManger-wait-online service helps in such case. It saves in most cases some seconds…

I can give it a try but the system is on the network already. Its a physical connection, not wifi.

I’ll take a look though.