Tumbleweed with kernel 4.4

after finish running the update today, i notice that the kernel change to 4.4 . is this real ? how come no announcement ?

It is real, yes.
Why not?
Tumbleweed always gets the latest kernel ASAP.

how come no announcement ?

Where did you expect an announcement?
It is mentioned in the changelog email for snapshot 20160113:

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (4.3.3 -> 4.4.0)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

  • Update to 4.4-final.
  • commit f1e5f1f

And it was mentioned in the weekly review:

When you do not like these sort of updates, you should not run Tumbleweed IMHO.

I always thought of Arch as being THE bleeding edge distro but they are still on 4.3.3. Way to go OpenSuse Tumbleweed :good:

first I never said I don’t like it. what I complaining is there is no big announcement on website or news .

it’s very important to tell the world that opensuse is still alive and moving forward .

Still alive? It’s No4 on Distrowatch & with Tumbleweed now, it will stay a strong distro imho.

I’m not convinced the choice is always that straightforward. Tumbleweed would not be my natural option be we got an Asus X555UJ and I found a few problems with it and Leap 42.1. These problems (eg.inability to turn screen off or log/out/switch user/leave except shutdown/restart as the system became unusable, bluetooth not working, touchpadnot working) are resolved in Tumbleweed. I guess my alternatives would have been.

  1. Put up with things as they were and wait (how long?) for the Leap series to “catch up”.

  2. To try eg. to install newer kernel and perhaps other packages onto Leap 42.1 but I fear I’d be in danger of getting something wrong that way and feel I’m safer using the rolling release.

  3. I guess look for other “standard” distributions with newer kernel, etc.

So I think I’m really using Tunbleweed as I feel it offers the best solution for my current situation with the laptop rather that for any desire to keep getting the newest software.

I’ve liked Tumbleweed so far btw. Perhaps in 12 months time, I’ll feel easier about using a rolling realease.

If we would, the openSUSE world would go crazy for announcements. Running TW implies getting updates all the time. In other words: that’s what you sign up for when using Tumbleweed.

Don’t know for sure, but …
4. Check the “Use online repositories” ( or something like that ) in the installer. It would add the distribution AND the update repos, hence bypassing a couple of bugs you may have been hit by.

OTOH, if you’re happy with what TW offers, accept the updates and stay happy.

System was fully up to date on Leap 42.1 at the time of switching to TW.

Yes, Im happy with TW as things are now and do accept its update policy is part of the deal. I feel my best policy is to see how I get on with TW over the longer term and at least hope to stay happy.

I needed it for the broadcom wifi card in my XPS 13 while I was waiting for the Intel one to arrive.