Tumbleweed vs Factory


I’m trying to use Tumbleweed repositories only, but recently the Virtualization repository for Tumbleweed (at http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Virtualization/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/)was gone, and I changed to Factory (at http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Virtualization/openSUSE_Factory/).

My question… is this kind of repository change (Tumbleweed to Factory) valid, reasonable, or am I goofing big time? Should I go for Factory only repositories? Wouldn’t that be somehow riskier?


Tumbleweed is a true rolling distribution, so packages from TW repos have been tested to work with each other (well, to some extent :wink: ).
AFAIK Factory repos have packages still in development and/or testing that might work or not, depending on many factors.
IF they work, they should be generally compatible with Tumbleweed, since that is their destination once all testing is cleared successfully.
Please note that I’m not a developer myself, so this is a layman understanding…

Very dangerous. Your mileage may vary.
However, you “maybe” can add the factory repo temporarily
and install the nicessary packages from there using yast2.
After you have install it you have the choice probably to lock those packages
you installed and disable the factory repositories.

I do it in leap and 13.2, I add the tumbleweed repositories because that’s where I get my newer kernel
and after installation of the new kernel I disable the tumbleweed repositories.

Thanks for the answer! I’ll roll on with the Factory repositories, but check in case the Tumbleweed ones reappear.

I’ve had problems in the past out of mixing different kinds, so I fully agree it could be a problem. I’ll keep the Factory repositories until the Tumbleweed reappear, then. Thanks for the answer!

Actually there is absolutely no difference, except for the name.

There is no such thing as “Tumbleweed” in OBS, there is only Factory which in itself is not available as repo at all.
Factory is the rolling distribution after testing, it is published as “Tumbleweed”.

Some maintainers renamed their repo to “openSUSE_Tumbleweed” to indicate it is intended to be used by Tumbleweed users, others not.
But regardless whether a repo is called “openSUSE_Tumbleweed” or “openSUSE_Factory”, it is built against Factory (which might not be exactly the same that’s in the Tumbleweed repo currently).

Regarding Virtualization in particular: why do you even want/need it? You get the latest versions in the main Tumbleweed repo anyway, just a few days (or sometimes even weeks) later.
Or is there anything missing in Tumbleweed that’s available in Virtualization?

In any case: the Virtualization Tumbleweed repo was only necessary with the old Tumbleweed, which was just an addon repo with selected package updates for the latest openSUSE release, and totally independent of Factory. That’s why it’s been removed meanwhile.

Hi! Thanks for the answer; knowing that the probability of a bricked system goes down is quite good! As to why I use Virtualization, I truly don’t remember; I must have needed it sometime, for a library or something else, that wasn’t available elsewhere – at least, that’s how my repositories list always grows…

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Most of the times when a Tumbleweed repo disappears, this means that the packages from that repo have been added to Tumbleweed, so have no longer a need for a repo of their own. I see too many people adding repos to TW. This means untested ( openQA ) packages are added to a fully tested distro, hence breaking what TW is. My 2 cents.