Tumbleweed upgrades

Pardon my ignorance.

I’m thinking of switching to Tumbleweed and have one question. Does it upgrade Kde (and other desktops) too? For example If it (Kde) was to go from 5 to 6 someday would I automatically get that or would I manually have to upgrade it myself somehow?

Tumbleweed re. KDE follows upstream. So, it will move to 6 when it’s released,. Just stick to

zypper dup 

and don’t use any other commands / apps to update,

I see this quite frequently, but not sure if I understand why tho? Dup is ignoring vendor/repo choice and pulls recommends as well. Could you explain/point me to a direction why dup is recommended on TW?

Yep. First, --no-allow-vendor-change is default on TW, since last summer. Second, dup is needed due to how TW updates: it’s released over and over again, so you don’t update just some packages, but you move to the next released snapshot. Zypper up will ignore downgrades ( which do happen once in a while ) or replacement of one package by another. This breaks things ( as we’ve seen in numerous posts in these forums and on the MLs. So, dup is not ignoring vendor changes made by the admin of a system. One can also use the --no-recommends option or make that the default in zypper.conf.

One very recently in fact… 20171205 “docbook-xsl-stylesheets”, not one that would completely break the system, but a downgrade nonetheless.

or make that the default in zypper.conf.

Unless “installRecommends = yes” has been uncommented in “zypper.conf” then zypper follows zypp.conf (solver.onlyRequires). So you probably would want to change it there ("/etc/zypp/zypp.conf").

set “solver.onlyRequires = true”

Don’t use Yast online updater?

No, not for TW.

Right, makes sense. Big thanks for the explanation!