Tumbleweed upgrade errors

Tumbleweed seems to have problems with zypper dup. Seems like this should be a simple upgrade when upgrades are available. After new install of tumbleweed and approximately 2 upgrades zypper dup indicates numerous errors which in my opinion should be a flawless upgrade once released. Nothing special about my install. No special apps or changes.

Anyone else experiencing upgrade errors. Would like to include all errors but they are extensive as if upgrading over a foreign install.

Been using opensuse since 2001 and love the stability of LEAP but tumbleweed seems to have upgrade problems.

Please advise.

Joe Rodarte.

I have not been seeing any errors with the last few updates.

Some actual information (such as the errors) might be useful.

As you have been told you need information on the type of errors, and then also the repositories used

zypper ls -d