Tumbleweed Updates

I’m pretty new to openSUSE and Tumbleweed, and I swear I read somewhere that after converting to Tumbleweed you should disable openSUSE’s updater and only update your system and programs by using …

sudo zypper dup

… but I cannot find it again. Can someone please confirm the recommended way or ways of keeping a Tumbleweed system and programs up to date?

Yes, that’s the recommended way of updating.

If you find the update notifier useful, then it probably won’t hurt to leave it around. It will do updates that don’t require a repo switch. Just use it as a reminder to follow with a “zypper dup”.

This link to the openSUSE Tumbleweed Wiki may contain what you are missing from before: http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Tumbleweed

I knew I read it somewhere! I guess I read it there and thought I read it elsewhere. Thank you!

From http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Tumbleweed

The only supported method of repo use for Tumbleweed is to have only the main repos (Oss, Non-oss, and Update) and the Tumbleweed repo active. For that situation a simplesudo zypper dup

will update your packages, and if any packages are ever reverted from Tumbleweed zypper dup will also handle that.

You could easily have read it elsewhere. It’s also been stated in other threads, where even some experienced users try the alternatives or leave extra repos active, which can throw up the odd problem.

BTW, anyone needing multimedia apps will usually have the Packman repo for Tumbleweed enabled and active whenever upgrading with zypper dup. It’s one of the more frequently updated repos as well. :wink: