Tumbleweed update question: zypper dup reinstalling deleted packages??

I am trying to update Tumbleweed using zypper dup --no-allow vendor-change. I have uninstalled some unwanted packages from KDE (gimp, etc.) but zypper dup --no-allow vendor-change wants to reinstall all those packages I have uninstalled.

How can I update Tumbleweed w/o zypper reinstalling uninstalled packages?


If you do not want to reinstall them, block them with yast> click on the package> tabu

I do believe those are part of an installed pattern and doing a clean dup installs all packages part of that pattern
that’s why I unchecked all installed patterns in yast (it didn’t uninstall any packages) I also disable recommended applications in yast software management -> options

you could also do what enziosavio suggested and taboo them in yast or lock them in zypper

zypper al <packages_to_lock>


unless you are using a very old TW snapshot 6+ months you don’t need to use --no-allow vendor-change as by default both TW and LEAP 15 use vendor stickiness and will not do a vendor change when calling zypper dup so to upgrade you just need to do

zypper dup