Tumbleweed update changes KDE to GNONE and deletes login manager

what has happened here.
after yesterdays update, KDE login is gone and the system automatcally starts into this ugly unreadable gnome theme thingy.

Anyway solution for those who are stuck:

go to activities, scroll down to YAST

got to

sysconfig editor

  • Desktop - Display manager - DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN

delete the name, login manager should appear again and you can choose plama or xfce or whatever.

I hate gnome. especially that unreadably suse theme.

I’ll make a wild guess.

You had update alternatives set for SDDM to manage logins. But you had it set to automatic instead of to manual. And if it was automatic, then a change could switch that to GDM as display manager.

By default, SDDM would use the default X11 session (probably KDE), while GDM would use the default Wayland session (probably Gnome).

In any case, none of those changes happened here. I don’t use AUTOLOGIN. And I have GDM set to manual as the default display manager.


I only use KDE if I direclty login.

If I connect via VNC and barrier as second monitor I use XFCE. I never use GNOME.

Yesterday there were 297 updates and I just clicked on updates within KDE. After restart, GNOME appeared. I cannot even read the text on the menu items with the active theme in gnome. On what kind of monitor has this been designed?

From a root command line:

update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

That is wrong. Tumbleweed should only be updated using

zypper dup

I think The updater defaults to that automatically, doesn’t it?

If you do zypper update it automatically does zypper dup

That might be right – I think they changed the updater for Tumbleweed to do that. However, I still think it wiser to use “zypper dup” for updates.

If you do zypper update it automatically does zypper dup

I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

I am not sure.

Certainly not.

It is your system, and you must do as you like, but browse the forums and the advice is as I posted it above.