Tumbleweed to MicroOs (Aeon) Daily Driver Questions

Hello SUSErs’, Longtime Leap & TW fan and user with some technical questions.

I’m seriously considering…No, I’m going to switch to Aeon as my daily driver. I have a few questions that might also help future switchers to decide and help the setup of Aeon.

First. After listening to Mr Richard discuss different DE’s at the conference and the most recent youtube vid., it’s fairly obvious he’s somewhat kinda sorta bias towards KDE :smile: .
I was dissapointed to hear that KDE is only??? somewhat supported and he suggested Gnome if anyone was going to install it.
I am also somewhat bias towards Gnome, shocker.:scream: . However, I want the most support possible of course. I also want to have the programs i’m used to and prefer.
Dolphin over Nautilus, Kate over Gedit, KOrganizer, Knotes, Kompare, and the list goes on and on…

I understand the base system, flatpaks, and containers. and the order prefered when choosing to install programs.
But to install a kde flatpak over a gnome base,oh the horror :scream: That was for you Richard. Ok,all joking aside.
My questions…1. If I do choose the Gnome base…would it be better to… from both a technical and privacy security perspective.
A. Install the flatpack no matter the DE it belongs?
B. Install the TW container and run the programs via FP
C. Or regular install to the container.

  1. Install Aeon KDE and
    A. Install flatpacks
    B. Install TW container and run FP’s
    C. Install a container and run regular.

I know “C” is iffy in both diff’s.

I understand the flatpaks are sandboxed. Does running them inside a container offer more security? I would think yes, but I want a person that knows much more than I do on the processes and how it all “works” to confirm.
And maybe some insight to…“doing it this way just creates more proceeses and files and possible problems” or “If you want privacy and security, do it this way” or " the absolute best way to do it is…"

Thanks in Advance, I really appreciate ALL and Everyone that has made this Distro the best for me.

Correct, Richard is not a fan of KDE. And that’s fine, he’s under no obligation to support it. Neither am I, but I’m doing it anyway, because I happen to be a long time KDE user.

The current experience you will get with openSUSE Kalpa Is roughly the same experience you will get with openSUSE Tumbleweed, with the Plasma Desktop (except by default, you have many less applications installed). It is rougher around the edges than Aeon, and it has some quirks, the development pace is much slower than Aeon, and requires more “workarounds”

As far as your questions go:
A. Yes, just install the software you like to use, it doesn’t matter if it’s based in GTK, Qt, or any other toolkit, the flatpak will install the appropriate runtime.
B. Why would you do this?
C. There’s nothing iffy about using the distrobox container to run things. Flatpaks aren’t intended for CLI applications, and not everything is flatpak’ed yet, if you’ve got that one application you just can’t live without.

You gain no benefit from trying to run flatpaks from inside another container, I’m not even entirely certain that you can.

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Ok ty,
Although I said I understood containers. I have never used them and misunderstood them. I was under the assumption a distro could actually be installed in a container like a vm and contain an entire different OS including desktop and applications. Can it not? And if not and I wanted to do so I would have to install the application(s) to do so, correct?

openSUSE Aeon and Kalpa both come with Distrobox installed by default. Which will create a Tumbleweed-based container with a r/w enabled environment, for all of your CLI based needs. Additionally, it allows you to install applications that are not yet available as flatpaks, and “export” them to your desktop.

If it happens to be your pleasure to do so, you can manually use Distrobox to install an Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or many other distribution containers. Distrobox makes a much better explanation than I can.


You are not really answering my questions.

And by these 2 quotes I’m not entirely sure you’re “qualified” too?

Are you a new ChatAi? Is this a test?

Hopefully I will recieve a more detailed explanation from someone.?

Considering I’m the primary Maintainer for openSUSE Kalpa (formerly known as openSUSE MicroOS Desktop Plasma), I don’t know who better to ask on how to use the thing.

I feel I’ve explained things quite well. You obviously feel differently, so I will be happy to step aside, and perhaps somebody else can explain things to your personal satisfaction.


Thank you for your work on openSUSE Kalpa, sfalken, and for trying to provide guidance to a potential new user. It was generous of you to take the time to write.