TUMBLEWEED snapshots delayed

Please read this email from Dimstar on the opensuse-factory@o.o mailing list:

Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

I’d like to inform you that we are currently blocking new Tumbleweed
snapshots from being released.

A package update (python-docker) was done in order to fix a build
failure, but not all dependencies were taken into account (e.g. docker-
compose) which in turn would result in completely unusable
installations for many docker users (which is increasingly common).

This issue has been uncovered by openQA - and a solution is being
worked on as I type - but it can still be short moment to get this all
together. And taking into account that Thursday is a public holiday in
some areas relevant to the maintainers, this could potentially stretch
bit longer.

For the interested ones, that is all tracked in
which is marked as ‘blocker’ (blocks new tumbleweed snapshots)

Stagings will still be processed and maintainers can keep on submitting
their things. Also, we will keep on testing new ‘daily snapshots’,
knowing of the blocking error, but at least we can monitor that other
updates don’t regress further.