Tumbleweed + Skype = don't send my messages

Hello everyone!

One day ago Skype in Microsoft repo and at some other Suse repos was upgrade to version, and become latest and powerful.

Now, Skype has ability to rename contacts, seems very enjoyable and good looking.

But (in my case) almost no one message can delivery to receiver or even view at other skype versions (e.g. web-client) as sending or at any other conditions.

I can see “snake” at left corner of my mesaages, and “Sending…” above theirs right corner. Thats all.
In some times, after reboot, one message from sending really going through Skype servers and reaches the recipient.
All other messages still holding in status “Sending…” and exists only in my local Skype

I trying both variations: update of existed installation, and install as new after clear configs…
Nothing change. :frowning:

All latest versions of Skype also can’t send messages in my case. :frowning:
I trying they at Unstable Microsoft repo.

Update: new skype (from this PC and under my login) can’t send messages also under virtualbox with Ubuntu 17.10 и Fedora 26.

In logs only next string can something affect on my problem:
** Message: Remote error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files

Update: this problem occured at my presonal Skype account only. Another account work great.
May be problem at Miscrosoft side…

So, the question is decided, and not without the presence of magic.

First there was a correspondence in the Microsoft community section of the Linux Skype. Then there I was transferred to the PM and ask clarifying questions.

During the tests revealed the following: send messages in Skype Linux (all platforms, home and work computers, that is, different network) not working only in my personal account. Other accounts make this easy. All other Skype earlier Linux (5.5), or all kinds under Windows, worked with account fine.

The key point in testing was to connect the computer through a cellular connection to check work Skype when the computer is not through the LAN. And then it turned out that in this connection the Skype from my account starts normally send messages! At this point the support of the first level States that it is the problem of NAT in the networks that I use, and that technical engineers don’t take it to work. Supposedly this is normal behavior for Skype. I was outraged, of course. They offered to write a review here https://feedback.skype.com/?p=10021&v= supposedly there collected opinions and my opinion will listen.

With grief I decided to find old Skype 4.3 and try it. Found here https://www.techspot.com/downloads/4985-skype-for-linux.html

Installed as the old package:

sudo zypper in --oldpackage ./skype-

To solve the problem with entering Cyrillic (wrote gibberish) installed an additional package:

sudo zypper in glibc-locale-32bit

An old Skype works fine. Rename contacts, sending messages, calls and contact group, was in place. Although emoticons are not loaded from the code, remaining the text.

Well, OK, I decided. And was going to install the Skype at work then. I came to work. However, I decided to write a couple of messages in unhealthy Skype. Just to try it.

And then I see that the messages began to go and reach the recipients! Here already half a day, as the same Skype (without restart or re-login) works fine with sending quick messages.

p.s. What there is of 4.3 struck on the server that passed plugging in the new version? :slight_smile: