Tumbleweed Revisited: What a disappointment!


I have been a long time openSUSE user. I was using both Leap and Tumbleweed until my motherboard died this past spring. Currently my main distro is Leap 15.0 64-bit KDE. My other distros include Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.

The other day I installed Tumbleweed 20181004 snapshot to see what’s new. I was very much disappointed because the “new” YAST2 no longer has Software Management and Software Repositories among other things.

What ever has been done to Tumbleweed?


I was very much disappointed because the “new” YAST2 no longer has Software Management and Software Repositories among other things.

I doubt your conclusions about that, but shifting to soapbox as this is not a request for help. You should know by now that this forum is for asking technical questions only.

Moved from Install/Boot/Login and open for posting again.

I am still seeing those, exactly as before. I’m wondering what might have gone wrong in your installation.

Today it’s no longer possible to download that version of TW, the current looks like it’s 20181010 (or somewhere close).

IMO it’s unlikely that those YaST modules were removed even for that particular TW release.
Remember to do an sha256 verification on your download, a slightly corrupted download can cause problems like what you describe.


Depending on the permissions you start YaST with, you may see only those modules the current user is privileged to start. If I start yast2 here as my nonprivileged standard user, I only see »Media Check« and »Release Notes«. However, when I start YaST in Superuser mode (with *sudo, kdesu, *or logging in as root directly), I see all modules — including those modules you’re missing. Cheers!

(Side note: my most used module is »Online Update« because it shows me the packages to update, their description, a detailed list of any bugs fixed and the possibility to opt out. Being a console guy otherwise, when it comes to updates, I almost always use YaST for convenience.)

Presumably, that’s with Leap rather than with Tumbleweed.

If you truly are a long time openSUSE user then you should know these modules are not just removed from Yast. Especially after a new installation when things don’t run as they ran before, when stuff suddenly misses then you need to think could something have gone wrong during download, installation, configuration?
Starting a thread like yours only gives you bad, angry answers and no help at all. If you are convinced parts of Yast have been removed then ask if that’s the case and when more people confirm then yes, it is true. When people here on the forum deny this then you can be certain something has gone wrong in your setup. So start testing the download’s checksum, maybe redo the placing of the contents of the ISO file onto your USB stick or burn a new DVD (whatever you used) and start over. It will cost you some time but when you just installed the OS then there is no data yet which needs to be backed-up.

What I’m trying to say here is: think before you speak. What is the probability of what I see, can it be true? Search on the internet, search here in the forum and if you find nothing then draw your own conclusions. Being angry really doesn’t help.

Calm down everyone!

I suspect the problem is due to my TV-LCD monitor which overscans. I always verify SHA before burning the iso. Anyway, when I first installed TW, the screen says my system does not meet graphic hardware requirements, so text-mode installation via YAST proceeds. BTW, my hardware is more than enough. I then re-install TW using “default” graphic mode instead of “1024x768” resolution, and not specifying “nomodeset” as a kernel boot parameter.

I am ordering a universal remote to fix the overscan problem using the TV-monitor. This way would be much easier than not being able to see the icons on the desktop panels.


It is you who needs to calm down, and ranting was the reason why your thread was shifted to soapbox. At least now it appears that you’re now delving into more likely factual causes about why you may have experienced problems with your openSUSE Tumbleweed install, rather than wild speculation about what may have changed with Tumbleweed. Others are only too happy to assist when relevant technical descriptions of problems are are provided, answers to questions given etc.


I am happy once again now that the “normal” YAST re-appears after today’s upgrade to version 20181009-0, kernel default 4.18.12-1.5.
The only remaining issue is HDMI overscanning, but it’s not too bad. I can see upper 50% of the icons on the bottom panel.


There’s usually a setting in the TV configuration for this, I’ve seen this twice. One was straightforward, but the other TV’s setting (a Philco HD) was so obscure as to be almost cryptic. After much googling (duckduckgoing, actually) I was able to correct overscan for the desired HDMI input, without affecting the other HDMI inputs.