Tumbleweed + Plasma 5.8.4 on Zotac Zbox CI323 nano

Hi there!

I bought a Zotac CI323 Zbox nano a while back, and just got around to trying out various linux distributions on it. The purpose of Zbox is to be my main home desktop - mainly for writing stuff and browsing the net. I dont’t game all that much, so I figured Celeron N3150 with it’s tiny power consumption ought to be enough for my needs - with a small Kingston SSD and 8 gigs of SO-DIMM.

Anyway - I tried various distributions on it - Ubuntu and Unity were painfully sluggish, Xubuntu still had the old screen tear problems and Lubuntu would not even start. Most BSD’s just would not install, as the processor graphics are apparently not fully supported. Debian is supposed to be a good fit for the Zbox, but am running it on my ThinkPad and just couldn’t be bothered to look for wifi and network card drivers.

So, I tought I’d give Tumbleweed a shot - I’v used SUSE quite a while back. And try KDE while at it.

Well color me surprised - not only is the desktop stable, it feels adequately snappy for daily use. Just about everything seems to work “out of the box”, including SD card reader. CPU usage is bit high, but mainly during HD video in YouTube. Konqueror feels pretty solid, too.

Overall, very satisfied with the whole experience and installation. KDE and SUSE have made huge progress in the past few years - keep up the good work!


Tom, Helsinki