Tumbleweed Packman repo - Twice. Which is which?


Just installed a fresh Tumbleweed, wanted to add multimedia support and found this:


which gives the following link to the Packman repo


Later on I found the one-click installer


which, however, adds the following Packman repo to YaST

Of note, there is a “misc” missing in the second link.

Which is the legitimate Packman repo? :-o

Kind regards


Hi, I’m currently using the first one http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/packman/suse/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/
but the second just seems a copy or link… so the choice is up to you apparently :wink:

Easiest is to just go to Yast- repository management and select community repos and add packman

Yup, did that with 13.2, but no Packman in the list with Tumbleweed… :wink:

I think those are symbolic or hard links and point to the same files, you know the server probobly uses ext4 or other journaling file system but even windows fs support hard links so …
You can get the proper links from packman
according to packman the link is

Not so much matter … mirrors.:wink:

Officially, though:

These are almost certainly not hard links. For most filesystems a hard link is an additional name for an existing file within the same directory, and is implemented by providing another pointer to the file’s inode. Symbolic links are actually another file containing a redirection. They can send you to another file or directory on the same or a different filesystem.

Mirrors may also use e.g. VirtualHost directives and/or HTTP Rewrite rules, or DNS records to provide alternate routes to a repository. It is difficult to know just where your packages are coming from, and mostly it does not matter as long as they arrive reliably and quickly.

Yeah, all correct, but recently I did these two steps to implement multimedia support on DIFFERENT days, and some weeks later found two packman repos in my Yast. Pretty disturbing if you don’t know/remember how they both ended up there… Maybe time for a little clean-up or sumefink?