Tumbleweed + openSUSE 11.4 lifetime

I am using openSUSE 11.4 with added Tumbleweed repo and it works fine for now. I don’t want to upgrade to openSUSE 12.1, because I want to stick with GNOME 2.32. How long will I be able to use both Tumbleweed and openSUSE 11.4 repos without incompatibility?

I’d say, as long as openSUSE 11.4 is supported. Concerning your desire to stick with GNOME 2.32: you might consider Cinnamon, basically that’s GNOME shell, but with a GNOME 2 look and feel. Haven’t used it, seen it though, and I thought it actually was GNOME 2.32 with some theme.

Thanks! I am rather waiting for MATE in openSUSE 12.1.

I see the reply by Knurpht and I disagree (in the nicest possible way). I see this problem: Greg K-H (who puts Tumbleweed packaging together) tests the Tumbleweed packages against the 12.1 repos for compatibility with openSUSE, not against the 11.4 repos. So I think that sooner or later (probably sooner) you will have compatibility issues.

(IMHO :))

On Fri, 30 Mar 2012 20:36:03 +0000, rugbygangster wrote:

> I am using openSUSE 11.4 with added Tumbleweed repo and it works fine
> for now.

Then you are very lucky, as this combination is totally not supported at
all, and I really do not recommend it.

Please move to 12.1, and then add Tumbleweed on top of it.


You have been warned.

greg k-h

No "IMHO"s, John. I was plain wrong, don’t know what got into me >:(

I am missing something here for sure. Someone please educate me a bit. If he is running the Tumbleweed repos why would this not automatically upgrade his system to the newest packages making the initial base version irrelevant? Is perhaps the issue because he is using the old OpenSUSE 11.4 repo (instead of Current) along with Tumbleweed? I guess I am used to the rolling release system used by Arch or Gentoo so this seems somewhat alien to me.

Please explain. When the next OpenSUSE version is released will I need to also do a full upgrade again even though I have been running Tumbleweed for many weeks now using the current and Tumbleweed repos? Thanks!

If a user is running 12.1 or 11.4 (… whatever), and wishes to switch to Tumbleweed, the user gets rid of the base repos and adds the Tumbleweed repos by attaching the linked addresses, then upgrades.
What the OP here did is to add one (only one) Tumbleweed repo, and left the base repos attached. That will break the OP’s system sooner or later. Because the OP has 11.4 underlying, it will break “sooner”. If the OP had 12.1 underlying, it would break “later”.

There are all sorts of ways to deviate from the recommended way to implement Tumbleweed, many of them, and they will all break the system sooner or later.

If you (davidmfl) have used the recommended method to implement Tumbleweed (including that you have attached the recommended address links to access the recommended repos) then the change from 12.1 to 12.2 will be seamless for you. There won’t be anything special that you have to do when openSUSE 12.2 is released.

To explain more fully: here are the addresses of the Tumbleweed repos:


Notice how none of these contain reference to 11.3 or 11.4 or 12.1 or any specific distribution of openSUSE. The correct method to go to Tumbleweed is to cut those specific addresses adrift and use the addresses above. When 12.1 changes to 12.2, the developers arrange for addresses above to re-link to the right packages.

For more on how to set up Tumbleweed, look here: HowTo Upgrade openSUSE 12.x to Tumbleweed

swerdna, thank you that answers my question. :slight_smile: I am using the current repos as suggested.

I don’t quite understand this. The update, oss and non-oss repos point to current version, and the Tumbleweed repo will be emptied, but how about the Packman Tumbleweed repo?
As far as I see, it is not identical with the Packman repo.


Another thing I don’t understand is “the change from 12.1 to 12.2 will be seamless for you.” Does this mean that one just runs zypper dup and that’s all? Thanks.

The address #2 will have its contents changed at the appropriate time.

Another thing I don’t understand is “the change from 12.1 to 12.2 will be seamless for you.” Does this mean that one just runs zypper dup and that’s all? Thanks.


Thank you swerdna, all clear now.

Thank you for the info on this. I looked over my repo and noticed I was using the incorrect Packman.

Can I remove the 12-1 source from the repo? I have then disabled. Not sure if they have to stay or leave.

I am using Current updates, non-OSS and OSS.


You can remove 12.1 source

(on a separate issue: the tumbleweed repos are down temporarily due to hardware failure of the server for the repos, so zypper dup won’t work till it’s replaced)

Thank you. Have a great day