Tumbleweed missing items in Dolphin context menu

I recently installed the latest openSUSE Tumbleweed and i like it a LOT.
I have LO installed and i noticed the context menu in Dolphin is missing the option “create new LO Document”.
libreoffice-kde is installed (out of the box). How can i activate this option in the context menu of Dolphin ?

Bernard Flach

I never saw a “Create New LO Document” here.
But calligra-extras-dolphin installs templates that allows to create new ODT (text), ODS (spreadsheet), ODP (presentation) and ODG (grahics/illustration) documents.

Such templates were never part of libreoffice-kde(4) btw. This “only” contains a plugin for LO’s GUI (to offer some KDE integration like using KDE’s style settings and file dialogs).

Thanks, Wolfgang, I was in touch with Bernard, and do see the options and assumed it would be an LO feature.