TUMBLEWEED middle button emulation on ALPS laptop (DELL LAttitude e5470)

So I just got a new lappie and installed tumbleweed (42.1 would freeze randomly) and for the the life of me I cannot get a simple 3-button emulation to work with the built in track pad buttons… external USB mouse left+right works fine, track pad buttons left+right just produce right. Has anyone gotten left+right below track pad to work as 3-rd button on these things? Everything else works. (e.g.: scroll up/down, single, double, left, right click) just not pressing the two buttons at once for 3rd button emulation.
Yes, I’ve added the conf file entries into /etc/xorg.init.d
ugh, I hate new hardware.

Hi, those trackpads are a bit weird indeed. I have an Elantech unit here and I see the following.

  1. Click the pad just about anywhere: “primary click” (AKA left click, normally).
  2. Click the pad in a tiny area in the lower right corner: “secondary click” (AKA right click).
  3. Click with two fingers just like “left+right” clicking on ordinary touchpad buttons: “primary” or “secondary” click depending on WHICH FINGER TOUCHED FIRST rotfl!
  4. Only way to emulate “middle click” apparently is a “three finger tap” (with “tap to click” enabled, of course).

Hope this helps.