tumbleweed - laptop scrren blanking perioically

I am running tumbleweed 20170712 on a HP Zbook. Periodically the screen goes blank for a short time. Are there any log files I
might look at for errors. The laptop is still on support but I would like to have as much information as possible.

perhaps a coincidence but for a few days i had screen occasionally blanking out, looked like an old cathode ray tube being powered on/off. Just be sure to zypper dup and reboot before forming conclusions.

Yup. Keep TW rolling

The screen is not blanking very often. There is considerable time between events.

just realised you asked for log files. The only 2 i know would be systemd (journalctl) and the file ~/.xsession-errors (often with index appended) [there is dmesg command but this (all?) is forwarded to the journal]

I do not see anything in journalctl or journalctl --system that looks relevant. The ~/.xsession-errors does not have timestamps . I do not see anything there either. Thanks for the try anyway.

How long does the event last? Is it more of an intermittent flicker? Desktop environment and graphics card details may be relevant here.

I have similar issue. My laptop monitor blanks for a second after every wake from suspend or when I log in. It’s not annoying but it never happened before…

So, this is a single event, rather than periodic as the OP describes? This might be due to a different underlying cause perhaps.

(for OP) you should describe the blanking in more detail (style/duration). as described mine looks like a vga cable is being pushed in/pulled out rapidly (wavy) and lasts for 2 or 3 seconds. Just realised it is caused by mobile phone interference. At certain times the phone can send out very strong signals (like the onset of receiving a call) and when less than ~1m causes havok on the laptop monitor.