Tumbleweed KDE 42.2 GUI start issue with nVidia card

The system has an nVidia display card. While all is installed, the GUI does not load (as warned, sigh). I had hoped to be able to load a new driver from the GUI, but I can’t get that far.

In the KDE Tumbleweed, how do I either boot or login to a shell to install a driver from nVidia?

Thank you, JG

some more info is needed
is that a desktop or laptop
does it have a new cpu with a builtin gpu did you disable it in bios?
what are you using now noveau?
you should be able to login to icewm and do your work there as plasma 5 has issues with noveau (or however you spell that)
see this for more info

if that’s an optimus laptop it needs bumblebee not the regular drivers