Tumbleweed jeOS: wicked services running but no name resolution ๐Ÿ“

Does anyone have any tips or ideas to get this instance of Tumbleweed to resolve domains?
network and address up via wicked, so you can ping out but not resolve any address.
example of issue img linkHyper-V IP img link
being a limited OS image, there is no yast, dig, or nslookup.

What is /etc/resolv.conf and what is in it:

ls -ls /etc/resolv.conf
cat /etc/resolv.conf

Youโ€™ll have to be specific exactly what names you are trying to resolve.
So, for instance itโ€™s well known that all virtualization donโ€™t set up name resolution automatically or provide name resolution services between Guests and HostOS, and by extension any Domain security in your LAN. You need to set up a name resolution service or method somewhere and configure your machines to use it.

Despite no name resolution on your HostOS and/or LAN, itโ€™s common for name resolution to point to public nameservers which generally means you can resolve names on the Internet.

This is not a โ€œfeatureโ€ specific to JeOS, youโ€™d see the same even with full installs.
And, when youโ€™re posting about a scenario that involves virtualization ad suspect that virtualization might be a reason for your problem, you should post to the Virtualization forum instead.