Tumbleweed installer does not find/load Intel Pro wifi module


I am trying to install on my Laptop the Tumbleweed (as I have succesfully intalled on my Workstation) distribution, but unfortunately I cannot configure my Intel Pro wifi on Installation…

On Leap, I have never faced such an issue, but I need to install Tumbleweed…

How can I load it?

afaik the installer is missing some kernel modules if you are doing a network install used wired ethernet
if you don’t have access to a wired connection use the full install iso not the network one
you can get the current TW iso from here 4.7GB

Thanks for your answer…
I am using the latest current iso…
Will, after installation, still having issues with my wifi, or not?

No, you shouldn’t. Make sure the networking is set to use the Networkmanager, not wicked. Unless the wireless machine never leaves the network, then use YaST’s Networksettings module to configure the wifi card.

It works fine!