Tumbleweed installation

How do I remove Tumbleweed, so I can load in the newer OpenSuse 15 version from DVD?

The question is a little strange, given that Tumbleweed is newer that openSUSE 15.0.

However, you do not need to remove Tumbleweed. You can just install 15.0 in the same partitions, to replace Tumbleweed. You will probably need to use the expert partitioner during install. Set the installer to format the partition used for the root file system. When you are done, Tumbleweed will be gone and 15.0 will be there in its place.

You can switch from Tumbleweed to LEAP 15 by doing an in place upgrade which preserves your personal files and settings.
There are two main options to do an upgrade, an offline upgrade (does not require an Internet connection) using a DVD

An online upgrade which downloads your re-installation files from repositories on the Internet

If you have any questions before or during your upgrade using either of the above options, just post your question.

As for what is “newer,”
As Neil describes either Tumbleweed is newer (because as a rolling release the system is re-installed as often as every week and a half or so) or you can say both are equally new since if you keep your LEAP 15 updated, it should always have very new patches and features so cannot be considered “old” at all.

Consider what it means for your system to be so “new” that’s its constantly on the leading or bleeding edge of what is available…
You might be able to benefit from the very newest features days, weeks and maybe a few months before others, but it will also mean less testing and more frequent breakage (most quickly resolved). There is excitement in the very, very latest and sometimes only the very, very latest will work in some scenarios, but for a great many people it’s more important that things always work reliably or the very latest features are less important.


Well I finally got Leap 15 running after 3 tries (Installs). Evidently Tumbleweed is still installed in its own partition assignment. I had to use the Setup Guide in the install, but it finally installed without error. Thanks for your help, both of these post answered my question.