tumbleweed installation stuck on starting hardware detection


i am Trying to install tumbleweed on my laptop but got stuck on initial green loading screen. while click escape it shows

Loading basic drivers…ok
Starting hardware detection…

waiting for more than 2 hours. Dont know what to do next.


i can think of only one possible reason right now and that is you might be trying to install a 64bit os on hardware that is only 32 bit

my hardware is 64 bit arch only. other 64 bit linux os’s run perfectly

At the Grub screen, highlight but do not click the Install option. Hit the e key.

Scroll down to the line that begins with the word linux, hit the End key to get to the end of the line.

Add a space and


Press F10 to boot the installer and see if that helps. I am not sure if it will, though, in TW.

Note that you will have to wait a few moments while the installer downloads and updates itself. This is only the installer, not the full install DVD, so you are not waiting for a huge download.