Tumbleweed install stuck at searching for system files

Something went wrong after nearly 400 updates yesterday, including a new 4.13 kernel. I wasn’t able to build the nvidia driver. The installer gave me a message that I probably didn’t have kernel-source installed but all of the kernel packages have matching versions. I booted this morning and everything appeared to be normal at first, then my system became very sluggish. A reboot took about five minutes, and when I went into runlevel 3, I got several messages with DEPEND in yellow letters referring to certain files and it asked me for my root password to continue.

When I tried cd’ing to my /home, it said that directory did not exist. The command to run the NVIDIA install is no longer recognized. I downloaded the latest TW iso to do a clean install but it stalls a 75% during “searching for system files.” I found a previous thread with this same problem from March and it appears that any hd already formatted for TW will stall at this point.

Anyone know a workaround? I’m using an NVME drive so reformatting it isn’t an option for me without the installer doing it.

Well, NEVERMIND. The installer finally moved to the next step while I was typing. CHEERS!

Good to hear. Last time that happened to me I left the installer going all night and it never got past the “searching for system files” line. I finally booted into the live CD, mounted the hard drive, and deleted the root partition. That allowed me to reinstall.

It’s kind of strange behavior. The good thing is it didn’t effect my /home partition at all. Good luck.