& TUMBLEWEED: freetype2 >= v2.8.1 w/ Harmony LCD Subpixel Rendering (instead ClearType / lcddefault)

Since the gldickens3 repo is now deprecated because of this (except for OpenSuse Leap 42.3), I’m wondering what the best approach for optimizing font configuration is to achieve the typical ClearType / Ubuntu / Microsoft Windows look.

I have just made a fresh test installation of OpenSuse Tumbleweed, installed fetchmsttfonts for the typical Microsoft fonts and did nothing else, assuming that the default configuration would already be optimized now with Harmony LCD Subpixel Rendering in place, but my first impression is that font rendering looks nothing close to my (Ubuntu Mate) setup on another machine.

I understand that font rendering has always been a patent encumbered issue in the past, which is why I was sticking to the Ubuntu family so far, but I was hoping that this would have changed now and that new users would be spared the fiddling around.

I used the gldickens3 repo too, and I’m asking myself the same question. How to improve font rendering without the patched freetype2 libs? Or in other words, what exactly is the difference between openSUSE font rendering and Ubuntu/Linux Mint font rendering for now?