Tumbleweed for Raspberry Pi versions

Tumblweed for RPi is offered in two flavors, one of them called “non-upstream”. What is the difference between them? Does non-upstream have more packages? What is considered “upstream” in this case?

See the following

The upstream image does not include hardware video decoding, while the downstream does (Thx to our openSUSE Developers (Andreas?))
I don’t know for sure, but generally “upstream” means source before it becomes openSUSE, “downstream” generally means source plus modifications by openSUSE maintainers.


People should know that the link I posted is only for the original RPi and RPi Zero models.
If you have a RPi2 or RPi3, you must install images from the following instead



Thank you for the explanation. I know that generally ‘upstream’ refers to a version w/o any openSUSE changes. I didn’t know what the upstream in this case, as it seems to refers to the whole distribution. From you explanation I think upstream refers to the upstream Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi.